Offer a full catalog of multiplayer VR games to your customers.

Do you want to integrate multiplayer VR games into your offer ? Select a varied and qualitative catalog. Choose Octopod: Games

The VR experiences of the Octopod: Games catalog fit perfectly with all the surfaces. They are available from 4m² to over 200m2. Whatever the surface you want to dedicate to virtual reality, you will find the right games catalog adapted to it.

Thanks to the 15 VR games developed by WanadevStudio, and more recently to the games of partner studios integrated into the catalog, you will provide an immersive and successful experience to all your customers!

All of our experiences can be played in multiplayer mode, from one to twelve people, with different universes, difficulties, and gameplays in order to find the experience that best suits your customers' needs.

An evolving catalog

The Octopod: Games catalog is mainly composed of VR games from the French studio WanadevStudio. Recently, it has been opened to the experiences of partner studios. We have currently integrated around twenty multiplayer VR games of different genres and durations to satisfy the broadest public going to the LBVRs.

Our goal? To renew the games catalog for our customer’s partners with new games from studios that offer a high quality of experience to players.

Adaptable games

The Octopod: Games catalog has classic motion experiences and others in free-roaming (free movement of players) on different surfaces and playgrounds (room-scale, XXL warehouse arena...).

Fully scalable, the experiences are compatible with several main VR technologies and playgrounds to allow multiple players. Each game has its own parameters and can be configured to match the exact needs of the operation (duration, difficulty, VR headset used…).

Our goal? Offer to each LBVR’s owner a catalog with great games, corresponding to his project.

Experiences for all audiences

Octopod: Games contain various games allowing you to meet the needs of each of your customers. Some examples of available game categories: Zombies, Action, Exploration, Cooperation / Collaboration, Versus, Party game, Rhythm...

In family, with friends, in pairs or for team building, all our games are made to spend a pleasant moment.

Our goal ? To satisfy all your customers' desires, generate replayability, and loyalty among your customers.

The replayability at the heart of our experiences

Thanks to Octopod: Games, offer to your customers who play in teams the possibility to have access to the team score as well as to the personal scores. To keep players coming back, some of our experiences have different paths and endings. For the creation of tournaments, the scoring system allows you to easily create and rank all your players.

Our goal ? Make your customers want to come back to you to beat their scores, succeed in the mission, or make their friends discover VR.

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