VR games for your clients, software for your team.

An evolutive catalog for your clients adapted to your LBVR

A catalog of experiences dedicated to the different age groups of your visitors and types of groups (families, friends, professionals, multiplayer and team building VR games...).

The experiences available explore numerous universes (fun, FPS, as zombie VR games...) to vary the immersions and retain visitors.

The experiences are enriched and others are added over time to always offer new vr games for arcades from professional studios with profitable and replayable VR content.

The catalog offers experiences in different play areas: from the box area to the XXL free-roaming experience!

VR esport games
in your LBVR

The esports sector is booming and attracts more and more audiences every day. Offering esport games in your VR room means taking advantage of a booming sector. Therefore, favor competitive games with high replayability, which will make your audiences want to come back to beat their score or their friends.

Escape games
in virtual reality

The escape game is an extremely popular and popular entertainment concept. Escaping from a room, looking for clues, solving puzzles, finding objects, decrypting codes are all actions that players do during an escape game session. In addition to an immersive and interactive setting, VR can reproduce and enrich the mechanics of escape games.