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Do you want to improve the management of your operation ? Use a web platform. Take advantage of Octopod: Insight.

Find your data on this web platform from any computer or browser connected to the Internet.

Octopod: Insight is a web platform that gathers all the operating data, the consumption history, and the players' games over different periods for the daily monitoring of your operation.

Easily assign multiple levels of rights to your team so they can access different information.

Our goal ? Centralize the important information of the operation of a gaming venue in an easily accessible website.

Distributors and franchisees

Octopod: Insight now includes a dedicated version for distributors. From the platform, the distributor can create franchisee accounts and manage them, have a new account filled in and set up as well as add selected games. For better management of the franchise access to the operating data of each room is easily accessible

You are a distributor or you want to become one? Use Octopod's tools to help your business grow.

Partner studios

An interface dedicated to Octopod's VR partner studios has been created to facilitate the integration and the follow-up of the exploitation of the game. From the dedicated page, studios can access at any time the technical documentation, the Octopod support, and the usage data of their games over the chosen period.

You are a VR game studio and want to become an Octopod partner? Easily integrate your builds and track the performance of your games with a platform designed by a studio, for studios.

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Our 10 years of experience in custom digital creation have led us to Octopod, a product developed by gamers, serving gamers, and virtual reality immersive leisure professionals. We are at your disposal and answer your questions.

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