Create a custom-made VR game

Are you looking for a unique experience that meets exactly your needs? Have your game developed by a specialized VR studio.

To develop your game idea, we provide you with the know-how and the experience of the WanadevStudio and Octopod teams in the development of experiences for leisure and entertainment professionals.

Our teams have developed more than fifteen multiplayer games especially for LBVRs in the Octopod catalog. Right from the early conception of your creative brief, we are ready to partner you to evaluate and refine your project. Based on the agile method, we exchange from the finalization of the design, until its exploitation.

With Octopod:On-Demand, create the experience that meets your needs and desires. Do you have issues specific to your operation? Can't find the perfect game on the market? Want a game only available at your franchises? The development of a custom game allows you to have an exclusive license and to meet a specific need.

Each member has a part to play: WanadevStudio develops and publishes, Octopod distributes, you exploit !

Experts at the service of your needs

You are a professional leisure owner in the field of entertainment and you want to stand out from the others? Don't wait any longer, and call upon the expertise of WanadevStudio!

Our goal ? To carry out and to accompany your projects while answering your needs, your desires, and your constraints.

From the idea to the exploitation of your project: a backing at all the milestones

The WanadevStudio team accompanies you on your creation project.After exchanges with the team, it will be necessary to validate a specification on the feasibility of your project, as well as its constraints (technical, material, costs...)

Our objective? To accompany you step by step in a long and complex project.

You are at the heart of decision

Once the specifications have been drawn up, you are at the heart of the development process thanks to an agile method that allows us to be constantly close to your needs. Once or twice a month, we exchange information on the progress of the project, as well as the objectives accomplished, the remaining ones, and the possibilities.

Our goal ? To place you at the heart of the development, so that you are fully satisfied.

Interested in Octopod?

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Octopod's team

Our 10 years of experience in custom digital creation have led us to Octopod, a product developed by gamers, serving gamers, and virtual reality immersive leisure professionals. We are at your disposal and answer your questions.

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