Send up to 12 players to explore on Mars!

Welcome to Mars! Players are sent to the heart of a human colony on Mars. All expansion initiatives were going well until AI and their equipment decided otherwise. The AI at the Martian base turned on the humans. Sent in an emergency, players are tasked with recovering and evacuating the hundreds of data collected on the red planet.


Number of players

2 → 12 Players

Type of game

Exploration & shoot




French, English

Minimum age



Box (4 - 9m²)


45 minutes

Experience required


Minimum configuration

Unobstructed space

4 - 9m² (per player)

Empty, without obstacles

1 launcher PC

VR Ready

i7, 3060, 16Go RAM, 500Go stock

1 server PC

VR Ready

i7, 3060, 16Go RAM, SSD 500Go stock

1 VR headset per player

Meta Quest (1, 2, 3), HTC Vive (Pro 1, 2 & Vive Focus 3), Valve Index

Main PCVR headsets

1 VR PC per player

1 VR Ready per player

i7, 3070, 16 Go RAM, 500 Go stock

1 network kit

Internet connection

Fiber recommended

On Mars

Give your players an adrenaline rush with On Mars

OnMars is intended for families, colleagues, and friends who wish to travel and together live a strong adventure in which they must explore, fight, and coordinate to carry out their mission. Science fiction fans appreciate the futuristic universe.

Explore and explore a wide variety of scenery in a space base

The environment to explore is very large. You have to be quick to avoid the deranged robots ready to attack by surprise. As an escape game, it is necessary to find certain objects to advance in the exploration. On Mars offers epic battle scenes essential to accomplish its mission.

Develop your own bespoke VR game

We are developing the virtual reality game you have imagined. Illustrations, scenarios, animations, universe ... The team brings your game to life by ensuring the technical feasibility, the respect of the gameplay, and its use in a VR game room thanks to its integration into the suite Octopod software.

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