Offer a simple, accessible, and musical experience thanks to Ragnaröck, the VR rhythm game!

Ragnaröck is a rhythm game in which players have to tap with hammers in music on drums. Each player embodies a Drakkar captain who must set the pace for his rowers. The participants are on their Viking ship and are sailing in the same direction. They must strike rhythmically on runes to motivate their teams. Their speed depends on their success. The goal of the players is to get as far as possible and pass their competitors at the end of the song to win the race and reach Valhalla.


Number of players
1 → 8 J
Type of game
Rhythm VR game
French, English
Minimum age
Experience required
For all

Make your venue attractive with a musical VR game

Ragnaröck is a VR game for everyone, playable from 10 years old and without age limit. Its ease of handling makes it accessible to all, it is ideal for a first experience in VR. As for gamers and competitors, the game offers them the possibility of replaying on other songs to seek to improve their score.

Keep your customers coming back with a high replayability game

The multitude of songs available and the competition created between players offer great replayability on this VR game. Be stronger than your opponents, beat your own records, organize competitions on several tracks!

Develop your own bespoke VR game

We are developing the virtual reality game you have imagined. Illustrations, scenarios, animations, universe ... The team brings your game to life by ensuring the technical feasibility, the respect of the gameplay, and its use in a VR game room thanks to its integration into the suite Octopod software.

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