Entertain your customers with a mainstream VR game

Aqualia, Treasures of the Seas is an underwater exploration VR game in which groups, families, and friends go on a treasure hunt and harvest the wonders scattered in a rich and varied environment. Their goal? Have the highest score by collecting valuable items!


Number of players

1 → 8 Players

Type of game

Family adventure


Underwater exploration


French, English

Minimum age



Box (9m²)


20 minutes

Experience required


Minimum configuration

Unobstructed space

4 - 9m² (per player)

Empty, without obstacles

1 launcher PC

VR Ready

i7, 3060, 16Go RAM, 500Go stock

1 server PC

VR Ready

i7, 3060, 16Go RAM, SSD 500Go stock

1 VR headset per player

Meta Quest (1, 2, 3), HTC Vive (Pro 1, 2 & Vive Focus 3), Valve Index

Main PCVR headsets

1 VR PC per player

1 VR Ready per player

i7, 3070, 16 Go RAM, 500 Go stock

1 network kit

Internet connection

Fiber recommended


Amaze young and old with a rich and colorful decor

The underwater universe discovered in the game is inhabited by colorful fish and corals of all shapes. This imaginary decor appeals to families, children, and parents, looking for an easy game accessible to all. Aqualia, treasures of the seas is the ideal game for the birthdays of the youngest. It is also intended for people who have never been in VR and who have little time to test it, at trade shows for example.

Cooperation essential to find the treasures of the game

Players must cooperate to open chests laden with precious treasures. They communicate to divide up the areas to be discovered, each with its own theme, and to collect wonders!

Develop your own bespoke VR game

We are developing the virtual reality game you have imagined. Illustrations, scenarios, animations, universe ... The team brings your game to life by ensuring the technical feasibility, the respect of the gameplay, and its use in a VR game room thanks to its integration into the suite Octopod software.

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